Roads & Bridges' Top 10 Roads awards

Roads & Bridges' Top 10 Roads awards, created in 2000, recognize the top projects in North America. Each year, nominations are submitted to the R&B editorial staff, which determines the Top 10 list based on project challenges, impact to region and scope of work.

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TOP 10 Roads - 2023 WINNERS

Portland Widening Reduced (10)
Top 10 Roads

NO. 1 ROAD: Maine’s Mainline

How a multidisciplinary team’s coordination delivered results
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Top 10 Roads

NO. 2 ROAD: A Symbol of True Nebraskan Grit

After five decades of debate, this team delivered a much-needed beltway
Top 10 Roads

NO. 4 ROAD: Reviving a Vital Artery in the City of Angels

This congested section of L.A. was desperate for the rehabilitation project
Top 10 Roads

NO. 5 ROAD: Revolutionizing the Foundations

How a project team’s ambition for innovation led them to success
Top 10 Roads

NO. 6 ROAD: When a Plan Comes Together

An all-star team used strategy and innovation to deliver in Texas
Top 10 Roads

NO. 7 Road: Revitalizing I-40 Over Crutcho Creek

This stretch of Oklahoma highway received a makeover in three phases
Top 10 Roads

NO. 8 ROAD: A Texas Marvel

The IH-35 reconstruction project was completed early thanks to coordination and innovation
Top 10 Roads

NO. 9 Road: America’s Longest Reversible Road

These express lanes keep the nation’s capital moving quickly
Top 10 Roads

NO. 10 ROAD: Where Aesthetics and Practicality Meet

A roundabout that proves beauty and infrastructure aren’t mutually exclusive