Roads & Bridges' Top 10 Roads awards

Roads & Bridges' Top 10 Roads awards, created in 2000, recognize the top projects in North America. Each year, nominations are submitted to the R&B editorial staff, which determines the Top 10 list based on project challenges, impact to region and scope of work.

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Top 10 Roads - 2015 Winners


No. 1 - North Prince of Wales Road, Deweyville Trailhead to Neck Lake Road

When you work off the land it’s the stress that can keep you from eating for days.Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. oftentimes had to make the best of what was around it during the...

No. 2 - vivaNext Highway 7 East Rapidway

Couched in the heart of the greater Toronto area lies York Region, a 678-sq-mile stretch that is home to some 1.1 million souls.There since 2005 the York Region Rapid Transit ...

No. 3 - Phoenix Highway (I-10) Perryville Road Interchange

The I-10 Perryville Road Traffic Interchange was a critical connection in the Arizona Department of Transportation’s (ADOT) efforts to improve mobility in a commerce corridor ...

No. 4 - 96 Fix

In early 2014, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) broke ground on a highway project that would rebuild 7 miles (56 lane-miles) of I-96 between Newburgh Road and ...

No. 5 - Johnson County Gateway Project

The Johnson County Gateway project is the Kansas Department of Transportation’s (KDOT) first major design-build transportation project, impacting 230,000 vehicles per day on I...

No. 6 - Highway 63

Nobody wants to drive off a cliff, or drive past an unstable one, either. The Highway 63 job went through the downtown area, over the Athabasca River and between the Athabasca...

No. 7 - U.S. 41/S.R. 29 System interchange reconstruction

This was a true multi-task. The U.S. 41/S.R. 29 reconstruction transformed a congested service interchange with limited corridor-wide continuity into a multi-purpose, multimodal...

No. 8 - Big Rock Interchange

Sometimes you discover a part that defines you. When workers uncovered a 5-million-lb rock formation, it was embraced rather than destroyed or removed. Engineers altered the original...

No. 9 - Elgin-O’Hare Western Access Project

For years, the Elgin-O’Hare Expressway in the western suburbs of Chicago never offered a direct flight to one of the busiest airports in the world. Those traveling west ended ...

No. 10 - Herb Gray Parkway

Highway 401 and Highway 3 merge together to form one of the most traveled highways in Canada in terms of vehicular and truck volumes. Many challenges were encountered on this ...