Roads & Bridges' Top 10 Roads awards

Roads & Bridges' Top 10 Roads awards, created in 2000, recognize the top projects in North America. Each year, nominations are submitted to the R&B editorial staff, which determines the Top 10 list based on project challenges, impact to region and scope of work.

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Top 10 Roads - 2018 Winners


No. 1 - Northwest Corridor Express Lanes

It did not happen until the opening day of the Northwest Corridor Express Lanes in Atlanta, Ga., but Zach Folmar finally saw more than enough qualified people.The lack of skilled...

No. 2 - SH 288 Toll Lanes Project

No road project comes down to statistics alone—though when you have a project as massive and challenging as our No. 2 road project of 2018, you might be forgiven a mea culpa for...

No. 3 - Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Tunnel Project

Before most grand openings like this, customers are at least allowed to pass along in a line and look at the goods.The Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project will use the more...

No. 4 - I-40, Devil Dog Wash

“It’s a quiet little town.”That’s how Gannett Fleming Project Manager Karen Hobbs describes the town of Flagstaff. And she’s not wrong. A small metropolis of 70,000 souls, Flagstaff...

No. 5 - Springdale Northern Bypass (Future Highway 412)

Situated within the Boston Mountains and Springfield Plateau subregions of the Ozarks, the region of Northwest Arkansas (NWA) has more than doubled in population over the last...

No. 6 - Weld County Road 49 Design-Build

Serving as one of the only major connections to Denver and the surrounding areas, Weld County Road 49 is a crucial farm-to-market corridor for the agricultural industry, and is...

No. 7 - I-75/University Parkway DDI

Since 2009, dozens of diverging diamond interchanges (DDIs) have been built across the U.S. None, however, have been delivered in the state of Florida until this year, when the...

No. 8 - Lakefront West Project

The city of Cleveland has been up-and-coming for going on two decades now, and a significant contributor to this growth and enrichment has been smart investment in infrastructure...

No. 9 - Riverside Drive

Gathering Place, Tulsa’s Riverfront Park is a 66.5-acre park located in the heart of Tulsa, Okla.It skirts the Arkansas River and is adjacent to a smattering of residential developments...

No. 10 - U.S. 17

U.S. 17 is a major north-south arterial in the state of Florida, and provides the most direct route between Orlando and the southwest part of the state. Traversing through the...