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Strawberry Hill Avenue bridge Norwalk, Conn.

Image: Google Street View via The Hour

News June 20, 2018
The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CDOT) is moving ahead with a $10 million project to raise an I-95 bridge that has been hit several times by trucks due to low clearance.   According to CDOT, the bridge has been struck many times, and it is structurally deficient and functionally...
bridge projects
News June 18, 2018
The first of five bridges over I-85 in northeast Georgia closed this week in Jackson County as part of a $16.6 million project.   The I-85 Corridor Bridges project will fully replace bridges in service for over 55 years and enhance safety by increasing lane width and adding shoulders to travel...
New Dover Bridge Maryland

Image: Connie Connolly / Star Democrat

News June 14, 2018
Gov. Larry Hogan joined state and local officials this week for the ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the new Dover Bridge along S.R. 331 over the Choptank River between Talbot and Caroline counties in Maryland.   Traffic on S.R. 331 had already been diverted to the new bridge, which...
Bridge collapse
News June 06, 2018
The Miami Herald wants the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to handle over public documents involving the Florida International University pedestrian bridge leading up to when the structure collapsed. FDOT and the NTSB, however, want to keep everything under wraps.    The agencies will...
I-74 Mississippi River Bridge, Bettendorf/Davenport, Iowa, and Moline, Ill.
Article June 05, 2018
I-74 Mississippi River Bridge, Bettendorf/Davenport, Iowa, and Moline, Ill.: This $1.2 billion project has now begun, and the project timeline looks to make major progress before the weather turns icy at year’s end. Within the river, all 279 drilled shafts will be completed and the westbound bridge...
Georgia Street Bridge
Article June 05, 2018
The original Georgia Street Bridge, constructed in 1914, was a 30-ft-wide reinforced concrete, three-hinged, three-rib arch bridge.   The bridge was approximately 71.5 ft long and generally symmetrical about both the longitudinal and transverse axes. The deck was a continuous slab system with...
Houston Ship Channel Bridge
News June 04, 2018
The Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) has begun a $962 million project to replace the bridge across the ship channel on the Sam Houston Tollway from SH 225 to I-10 in Houston, Texas.   The HCRTA is undertaking its largest infrastructure project ever to replace the Ship Channel Bridge so it...
Longfellow Bridge, Massachusetts

Image: MassDOT

News May 31, 2018
After a major reconstruction project spanning five years, traffic resumed Thursday morning on the Longfellow Bridge in Massachusetts.   The bridge connecting Boston to Cambridge reopened at 5 a.m. and includes all vehicular travel lanes, separated bicycle lanes, sidewalks on both sides of the...
Highway improvements plan
News May 30, 2018
Gov. Bruce Rauner announced a plan for Illinois to invest $11.05 billion in the state’s roads and bridges over the next six years, including $2.2 billion of state and federal funding in the upcoming fiscal year.   The Illinois Department of Transportation Multi-Year Proposed Highway Improvement...
FIU pedestrian bridge collapse investigation
News May 25, 2018
The National Transportation Safety Board released a preliminary report on the agency's ongoing investigation of the pedestrian bridge collapse that took place at Florida International Univerisity (FIU) on March 15 in the city of Sweetwater.   According to the report, the 174-ft-long bridge fell...

Image: Virginia DOT

News May 21, 2018
The Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (HRBT) expansion project will officially be widening the tunnel to four lanes instead of three.   HRBT project officials recently explained that the cost difference would be negligible and that the four-lane version would actually be easier to build. The idea was...
I-70 Colorado KUSA-TV (Denver)

Image: KUSA-TV (Denver)

News May 16, 2018
Colorado transportation leaders and local elected officials came together Tuesday to discuss plans to improve a congested stretch of I-70.   The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) held a press conference below the bridge at the I-70 and U.S. 6 interchange. According to officials, the...
Cranes on Pittsburgh highway project
Case Studies May 16, 2018
As a certain saying reminds us, functioning smoothly and efficiently requires the left hand to know what the right hand is doing. So imagine how critical it is for two cranes to work together seamlessly when combining efforts on a pick. Such was the case on a 13-mile phase of the colossal Southern...
FIU bridge
News May 14, 2018
The Miami Herald has reportedly obtained documents from Florida International University (FIU) through a public records request that indicate cracks were observed in the newly installed campus pedestrian bridge two weeks before its deadly collapse.   Photographs and an internal email that had...
Highway improvements
News May 10, 2018
The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) announced a new five-year plan Wednesday for highway construction projects that will come with a $3.4 billion price tag.   More than $1 billion will be invested in repairing state-owned bridges that are structurally deficient, many of which will...
infrastructure improvements
News May 09, 2018
Gov. Andrew Cuomo is calling for New York state to spend another $125 billion on infrastructure improvement projects over the next five years.   The Democratic governor announced Tuesday the proposal would be the next phase in his agenda to rebuild the state of New York and create thousands of...
ABC bridge earthquake testing
News May 08, 2018
Combined accelerated bridge construction methods were determined to be safe and ready for real-world application following tests using massive shake tables at the University of Nevada, Reno’s world-renowned Earthquake Engineering Laboratory.   The tests in April subjected a 70-ton, two-span, 70-ft-...
News May 07, 2018
Galveston County commissioners voted last week to approve a resolution supporting the replacement of the Pelican Island Bridge with a $91 million, 75-ft high conventional bridge.   The selection of the $91 million proposal effectively puts any future plans for a rail line to Pelican Island on hold...
News May 03, 2018
This October, the 4th Annual Commercial UAV Expo trade show will host a variety of unmanned aerial system (UAS) vendors showcasing airframes, components, software and services all focused on commercial applications.   The event, which was recently recognized by Trade Show Network News as one of the...
State of the bridges 2018
Article May 01, 2018
Some would say Mississippi is fortunate not to see all four seasons.   The weather is on the mild side for much of the year. Yet things still shrivel up in the state and have to wait for conditions to improve.   On April 12, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant declared a state of emergency, issuing a...
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