Roads & Bridges' Top 10 Roads awards

Roads & Bridges' Top 10 Roads awards, created in 2000, recognize the top projects in North America. Each year, nominations are submitted to the R&B editorial staff, which determines the Top 10 list based on project challenges, impact to region and scope of work.

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Top 10 Roads - 2017 Winners

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No. 1 - USH 18/151 (Verona Road) Stage 1 Reconstruction

Noted transportation author and UC-Berkeley professor Robert Cervero once wrote, “Planning of the automobile city focuses on saving time. Planning for the accessible city, on ...

No. 2 - Inuvik-to-Tuktoyaktuk Highway

The small town of Tuktoyaktuk was probably founded on an ice road. It had to be, because no one would have been able to reach it any other way. The soil which supports the Canadian...

No. 3 - Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Situated only 15 miles outside the famous Las Vegas strip, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is comprised of 198,000 acres of protected, nationally significant geological...

No. 4 - Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway/S.R. 823

Reducing delivery time on a major road project by 17 years was not a reality the team at the Ohio Department Transportation (ODOT) thought could ever be achievable. That is, until...

No. 5 - S.R. 178 Widening

There is a kind of under lining that does not call out to anyone. Due to the 50-plus-year age of S.R. 178 in Bakersfield, Calif., as-built records for installation and relocation...

No. 6 - I-81 and Navy Way Road Extension

One of the largest capacity projects in Pennsylvania, the I-81/Navy Way Road project combined two access points on I-81’s NB and SB lanes into one; installed three multilane roundabouts...

No. 7 - I-70 North Junction to Rte. 136

As the first contract in PennDOT’s long-term improvement plan for I-70, this project, the state’s first DDI, focused on minimizing traffic congestion with the reconstruction of...

No. 8 - 35Express

This behemoth contained more than 75 bridges, including a 6,800-ft crosslake span, and more than 350 lane-miles of roadway rebuilt or repaved, totalling a demand in excess of ...

No. 9 - I-215 (300 East to S.R. 201)

Access to the Salt Lake County area is mitigated by a pair of crescent-like mountain ranges, making the I-215 project one of critical importance. The work zone had to handle 125...

No. 10 - Rte. I-295/Rte. 42/I-76 Direct Connector Contract 2

This conflation of three major routes deals with traffic influxes in excess of 250,000 vehicles each day and has one of the highest accident rates in the state. This phase of ...