No. 8 - Big Rock Interchange

Oct. 3, 2015

Sometimes you discover a part that defines you. When workers uncovered a 5-million-lb rock formation, it was embraced rather than destroyed or removed. Engineers altered the original designs, and even changed the name of the traffic epicenter to Big Rock Interchange. Still, heavy traffic and the rock limited the work area for the project’s large structures. The project was the first in Arkansas history to utilize modeling, and used over 200,000 sq yd of concrete, replaced four I-430 bridges, constructed one new span and three new flyovers.

Location: Little Rock, Ark.

Cost: $128 million

Length: 1.553 miles

Designer: Bridgefarmer and Associates

Contractors: Weaver-Bailey Contractors; Kiewit Southern Co.;

Manhattan Road and Bridge Co.

Owner: Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department