NO. 7 Road: Revitalizing I-40 Over Crutcho Creek

Dec. 6, 2023
This stretch of Oklahoma highway received a makeover in three phases

In 2019, when Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) engineers inspected Interstate-40 over Crutcho Creek, they discovered that it was well past its service life and in need of upgrades.

The original roadways and bridges were constructed in 1960, and the existing vertical curves of the bridges had become a safety concern due to the limited site distance.

The I-40 project took place in three phases:

  • The first phase consisted of construction to the outside half of the eastbound lanes.
  • The second phase consisted of the full width of the westbound lanes.
  • The third phase consisted of the inside half of the eastbound lanes.

Interstate traffic surrounded the project team as they worked on each phase. The construction site was narrow because of the width in between the lanes. This, along with the traffic, created challenges for workers.

“This was a very complex job that had a little bit of everything on it,” said Landry Logan, Manhattan Road and Bridge Oklahoma City division manager. “There were challenges, but we worked through them well and didn’t have any major hang-ups that caused delays. It’s nice to see all of the hard work that our employees put into this project being recognized.”

The team often had to reassess plans to optimize the space for paving, since room for vital equipment like a paving machine was not always viable.

A controlled modulus columns (CMC) stabilized areas that caused settlement concerns. This enabled the team to eliminate a phase of the project and complete the job about 100 days faster than if this technology was not used.

Working within two municipalities also forced the team to work diligently to prioritize communications. Starting from the pre-construction phase, ODOT coordinated with Del City and Oklahoma City and involved them in the layouts and phases of the interchanges, as well as the overall aesthetics. When minor issues arose, all parties worked together to find a solution to help reduce any overall impact on the project or the communities. RB

Project Name: I-40 over Crutcho Creek, 15th Street, and Sooner Road 

Project Location: Del City, Okla. 

Owners: Oklahoma DOT 


  • Contractors: Haskell Lemon Construction 
  • Action Safety 
  • Gary Crain 
  • Traffic and Lighting Systems 

Cost: $76,667,642.05

Length: 1.49 Miles 

Completion Date: December 2022 

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