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Nevada Department of Transportation - Las Vegas Boulevard / S.R. 604

Image: NDOT

News January 04, 2018
The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) recently completed a $17.3 million upgrade of Las Vegas Boulevard (S.R. 604) from Carey Avenue to just north of Craig Road in north Las Vegas.   Aggregate Industries was the general contractor on the project, with AECOM as project manager. The 4.6-mile...
Article January 03, 2018
Most department of transportation buildings do not have a door marked PRIVATE.   Since one figuratively does not exist, either because there is no interest in working with the private sector or it is simply not feasible, it is hard to see how President Trump’s proposed $1 trillion infrastructure...
I-11 rebar

Crews construct rebar fittings on the $83 million first phase of the new I-11 reconstruction.

Article January 03, 2018
A long-awaited stretch of new interstate is finally taking shape in southern Nevada, after years of heated debate, planning and controversy.   The future I-11 will eventually connect Las Vegas and Phoenix, the country’s two largest metropolitan communities currently not linked by an interstate...
Thin concrete
Article January 03, 2018
As a durable, economical and low-maintenance concrete material, roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is steadily becoming the choice for many pavement applications. And researchers in Louisiana are testing just how thin those applications can go.   Traditionally, RCC pavements have been built with an 8...
Concrete curling
Article January 03, 2018
Today’s modern concrete construction technologies and experienced personnel provide an opportunity to construct the smoothest concrete pavements and slabs in history.   Smooth pavements and slabs are in high demand because they reduce cracking, improve ride quality, reduce noise and improve fuel...
Case Studies December 29, 2017
The Motor Carrier Division of the Maryland State Highway Administration (MDSHA) issues up to 150,000 oversize/overweight (OS/OW) permits per year for travel on more than 10,000 miles of roads, passing over and under approximately 5,200 bridges and underpasses. The permitted routes cross city, state...
I-10 California

Image: Garret Larson

Article December 27, 2017
In 1947, when Interstate 10 (I-10) was built as a four-lane highway from Ontario to San Bernardino, Calif., it passed through a landscape of ranches, orchards, and open fields fringed with trees. Originally this section of roadway was assigned as U.S. 70-99, and in 1957 it was reassigned to become...
Missouri Department of Transportation Project Plans for 2018
News December 22, 2017
It looks like 2018 will be, officials hope, a banner year in road and bridge work in the state of Missouri, as the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) begins to outline the scope of some major projects it is looking to tackle in the coming year.   Among the planned projects, a portion of...
Traffic relief
News December 20, 2017
In an effort to deliver on his commitment to provide innovative transportation solutions for the state of Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan announced $461 million in new traffic relief initiatives for the Baltimore region, including adding lanes to 27 miles of highway to alleviate congestion on the...
News December 19, 2017
The construction on U.S. 10 and SH 441 in Wisconsin will be finished a year earlier than expected, Gov. Scott Walker announced Monday during a visit to Appleton.   The work is expected to be completed in 2019—a full year ahead of schedule—as a result of savings announced earlier this year that...
Case Studies December 07, 2017
The widening of a road around the south end of popular Lake Winnipesaukee in Alton Bay, N.H., created a steep slope (1H:1V) adjacent to the roadway. Concern that potential erosion and washout would occur during heavy rain events made stabilization of the 52-ft slope necessary.   Project objectives...
Michigan DOT to replace I-375 freeway with surface street
News December 06, 2017
The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has announced its intention to proceed with plans to gut Detroit’s I-375 expressway and restore in its location a surface street by 2022.   At present, funding has yet to be arranged, but MDOT’s resolve in this matter appears to be firm. Where the...
California Laurel Street Overcrossing

Work on abutments for the Laurel Street Overcrossing Replacement Project in Vallejo, Calif. Image: Caltrans

Article December 04, 2017
CALIFORNIA: At the forefront by Brian W. Budzynski, Managing Editor   There’s progress and then there’s progress, and those who know the difference can only be encouraged by some of the developments taking place in California.   As a result of the recent 12-cents-per-gallon gas tax increase passed...
VR construction planning
Article December 04, 2017
Virtual reality (VR) has been a staple of mass media for decades, but only in the abstract.   Popularized in television shows and in the movies, largely science fiction-related, VR has now moved past static media to the realm of interactive video games, and, to some degree, infrastructure project...
DOT virtual reality
Article December 04, 2017
Always ask Mom if it is OK.   Seriously, if someone is going to be trusted and depended upon, it is going to be the one who carried you around for nine months. Dale Keller, senior project manager with the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), had a skeptical mother when the designs for...
3-D design tools
Article December 04, 2017
Engineers are well-versed in using 3-D design tools and imagery to carry out their designs and display their work.   Still, it’s like watching a scene through a window—you see it, but you cannot experience the fullness of what is taking place. By putting designs into a virtual reality (VR) or...
Rte. 79/I-195 Interchange Reconstruction

The existing interchange was comprised of 11 separate structures totaling 111 spans, 10 of which were classified as structurally deficient with 94% of the steel rated deficient and requiring costly emergency repairs.

Article December 04, 2017
When final design and construction launched in 2013 on the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s (MassDOT) Rte. 79/I-195 Interchange Reconstruction and Braga Bridge Improvements project in downtown Fall River, safety, accessibility, traffic management and community enhancement served as the...
Iowa gas tax hike already benefiting road and bridge projects
News November 15, 2017
Iowa drivers are presently paying 10 cents more per gallon than they did just a few years ago, and while tax increases are no friend to most political leaderships, in Iowa benefits are already being realized.   The state’s gas tax hike has produced an extra $515 million for state and local...
Arkansas road project letting halts due to miswording
News November 10, 2017
The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT) has put a halt on contract letting for its 30 Crossing project due to a complication in the verbiage describing the purpose and aim of the project, one that AKDOT says will preclude federal funding of projects in the region.   According to the...
Column repair S.C.
Case Studies November 09, 2017
In June of 2016, the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) was in the midst of building a new interchange at the intersection of I-85/I-385 in Greenville, S.C. During construction, severe localized spalling was found on the cover concrete of one column of a two-column pier supporting...
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