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road widening
News February 23, 2018
Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy called Thursday for widening the congested I-95 in key spots in order to relieve long-running bottlenecks, starting at the New York state border and extending into southeastern Connecticut.   The plan calls for widening the southbound side of I-95 from the New York...
major highway projects
News February 21, 2018
Gov. John Bel Edwards and Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LaDOTD) Secretary Shawn D. Wilson announced the state’s intention to utilize federal Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle Bonds (GARVEE Bonds) to construct four major projects in three areas of Louisiana that have been...
interstate connection
News February 19, 2018
Officials anticipate the connection between I-95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, a project 50 years in the making, will be open by late summer/early fall 2018.   Since I-95′s completion in 1969, plans called for creating a seamless link between the interstate and the turnpike. In 2018, project...
I-20 precast concrete
News February 15, 2018
The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LaDOTD) will experiment with the use of precast reinforced concrete pavement on the eastbound on-ramp of I-20 west of the city of Shreveport.   The I-20 on-ramp is located near multiple truck stops in the area and gets a lot of heavy...
NMDOT Rte. 26
Article February 12, 2018
Originally constructed in 1905 by the Territorial Legislative Assembly, and containing segments of the old Rte. 26 from Deming to Nutt and a stretch from Nutt to Hatch (which were originally Rte. 27), Rte. 26 in New Mexico was shown, in a map dated 1927, as a “first class” road between Deming and...
road widening
News February 09, 2018
A project to widen 6 miles of U.S. 95 in northwest Las Vegas has begun.   Las Vegas Paving won the $64.6 million general contract for the work between Durango Drive and Kyle Canyon Road. The project will expand the highway from four to six lanes to relieve congestion and improve safety, according...
multimodal projects
News February 09, 2018
Gov. Tom Wolf announced Thursday that 45 highway, bridge, bike and pedestrian, and ports and waterways projects will benefit communities in 22 counties through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Multimodal Transportation Fund.   The $41.5 million investment follows PennDOT's...
Mason Business Center

The Mason Business Center lots had to remain available to employees throughout construction.

Article February 02, 2018
So . . . how challenging can it really be to pave some parking lots?   Ubiquity and commonplace function serve to make such aspects of our infrastructure all but invisible—even as they are treated to the same pummeling use as all other forms of paved surfaces. A recent project in Mason, Ohio, that...
U.S. 50 Gunnison County
Article February 02, 2018
The Four Bridges at Lake Fork drummed up enough business to support the Rainbow Hotel not far off of U.S. 50 in Gunnison County, Colo., in the early 20th century.   In fact, there were a few hotels in the area, as people of all types and from all different places came to admire the “new” U.S. 50...
Elm Street downtown Manchester

The Elm Street rehabilitation project was conceived and funded as a complete streets project, in order to accommodate a variety of transportation modes.

Article February 02, 2018
If one were to do a Yelp search for the best restaurants in downtown Manchester, N.H., a number of the top-rated spots would be found on Elm Street, a key thoroughfare that stretches from the south end to the north through the heart of the Queen City.   This particular corridor is in a crucial...
Milling machine
Article February 02, 2018
Due to environmental and economic benefits, reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) has now been routinely used in pavement construction.   There has been a request from the asphalt paving industry to increase RAP limits allowed in asphalt pavement mixtures to achieve an even greater economic benefit....
pavement repair
Case Studies February 02, 2018
Pa. Rte. 66 is a 139-mile southwesterly-northeasterly route in the northwest area of the state. In April 2003, Jones Township (Pa.) Highway Superintendent Jeff Roberts was deciding how to conduct a repair on this critical route. The affected area was continually failing and needed constant repairs...
Mike Acott
Article February 01, 2018
Fifty years ago, in northern Germany, a new asphalt pavement mixture began being placed.   This mix, dubbed “Kiel mixture” after the city where the mixture was first used, was designed to provide a strong structure to resist deformation and an open surface structure to ensure good friction. Over...
Arches National Park construction
Article February 01, 2018
Arches National Park is located in the western U.S, just a few miles north of one of the eco-tourism capitals of the world, Moab, Utah.   This region of eastern Utah is a popular outdoor recreation area known for its hiking, backpacking, world-class mountain biking and adventures for 4-x-4 off-road...
Native undeveloped ground

Crews had to construct a new road through native, undeveloped ground.

Article February 01, 2018
The Daniel K. Inouye Highway (DKI), also known as Saddle Road, is the most direct cross-island route between east and west Hawaii Island.   People use the road for business travel, transport of goods and services, tourism, recreation, shopping and daily commuting. Taking this route saves 30 to 45...
Tower Road live traffic paving

Traffic never stopped flowing during the Tower Road widening project.

Article February 01, 2018
Prolonged residential growth in the northeast portion of the Denver Metro area, along with expansion and continued development at Denver International Airport, has led to massive increased traffic and congestion along Tower Road, bringing movement through the corridor to a grinding halt during peak...
SH 288 in Houston

The updated SH 288 will include 40 new bridges and the rehabilitation of 13 bridges.

Article January 29, 2018
The city of Houston is booming, with new construction and development projects happening across the city at an astounding rate.   Texas State Highway 288 (SH 288) is a critical north-south transportation corridor for the greater Houston metro region, and it is under the strain of the region's...
highway construction
News January 24, 2018
The next section of I-11 in Nevada is scheduled to open Saturday morning—five days earlier than originally planned, according to the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT).   Starting at 8 a.m. that day, motorists will be allowed to drive along a 2-mile stretch of northbound I-11 between...
$1.9 billion I-405 widening in Orange County, Calif., gets underway
News January 22, 2018
Construction has begun on a $1.9 billion widening of California’s I-405, the largest project in the history of the Orange County Transportation Authority. The project is expected to run through 2023.   “That corridor is one of the most heavily congested corridors in the nation,” Ryan Chamberlain,...
News January 15, 2018
I have frost in my attic!! Help!! Also, Louisiana governor announces $600 million transportation plan, Arkansas motorists are not happy with the condition of the state's roads, and more. To hear the latest podcast, click here.
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