Manhole Risers

St. Charles, Missouri; adjustable manhole risers
Case Studies April 05, 2019
With a population of 66,000, St. Charles is Missouri’s ninth-largest city, and was the state’s capital from 1821 to 1826.   “We have old and new areas, which means we have a lot of odd-sized sewer structures,” the city's Lead Equipment Operator Cory Rackley said. “Adjustable risers make it much...
ET Simonds manhole
Case Studies July 05, 2018
Since 2006, adjustable manhole risers have been just right for a project detail that had previously been a bit of a hassle for E.T. Simonds Construction Company in Carbondale, Ill. “We do all sorts of road-related work, and of course we do a lot of paving jobs that require the raising of manholes...
Manhole riser in Jefferson County, Ala.
Case Studies May 31, 2018
Home to Birmingham, and more than 660,000 residents, Jefferson County is Alabama’s most populous county. The sewer network the county maintains includes 3,600 miles of pipe and 80,000 manholes. That last figure represents a sizable amount of annual maintenance; though manholes themselves are...
Milwaukee road adjustable risers
Case Studies April 13, 2018
Several years ago, the city of Milwaukee was experiencing issues with their cast-iron manhole risers installed throughout the area. “They’re usually fine, but on occasion they would slip or rattle out, and that led to car damage and claims—there was definitely room for improvement,” said Milwaukee’...
American Highway Products’ (AHP) Pivoted Turnbuckle Manhole Riser
Case Studies July 06, 2017
Fairhope is a small city, just 15,000 residents, situated on the cliffs and shoreline of Mobile Bay in Alabama’s Gulf Coast. It can seem like Fairhope is a long way from anywhere, but people seem to like it—the city has been named one of the best small towns in the South by Southern Living magazine...
Manhole risers, safety ramps help Chicago maintain streets, reduce lane closure times
Case Studies June 01, 2017
In July 2000, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) sent a letter to Scott Fier, president of American Highway Products, approving the use of his company’s adjustable riser rings when raising utility and manhole rims to grade after pavement lifts. Formal language describing acceptable...
AHP risers boast precise custom sizes to match finished pavement grade
Case Studies June 01, 2016
Gray & Son, Inc. is a family-owned contracting firm in Maryland with roots going back to 1908. They are currently one of the biggest paving contractors serving Baltimore and the surrounding counties, and have a reputation for introducing state-of-the-art solutions that cost-effectively keep the...
A completed riser project in Grand Rapids, Mich.

A completed riser project in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Case Studies April 14, 2016
Founded in 1916, Rieth Riley Construction is a large paving firm, serving Indiana and Michigan with 30 asphalt plants. With that kind of paving volume, and a nearly century-long history, the firm has rigorously tested hundreds of infrastructure solutions, and the tools and techniques that make the...
Valve Box Lids to Grade on VDOT job in Newport News

Valve Box Lids to Grade on VDOT job in Newport News

Case Studies July 10, 2015
Newport News, Va., has a population of approximately 183,000, making it the fifth most populous city in the state. Newport News Waterworks is a regional water provider, owned and operated by the City of Newport News that serves over 400,000 people in Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, and portions of...
manhole riser
Case Studies
Chicago is the nation’s third most populated city, after New York and Los Angeles. And though it has a total of about 9,500 lane-miles, it ranks last of all major U.S. cities in terms of freeway miles per capita. This means Chicago’s paving contractors, such as Bigane Paving, are usually working on...
Manhole cover
Case Studies
Traditionally designed manhole covers or other street castings can contribute to problems such as bumpier streets, affecting the quality of life in cities for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle occupants. The SELFLEVEL® access assembly by EJ is an innovative solution, with easy installation,...
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