Bill Wilson
Article December 04, 2017
What is the answer for 100 across?   My grandmother, affectionately called “Mommy D,” finds it in the newspaper just about every day. For as long as I can remember, she has always done the daily crossword puzzle, and just about every time I see her nibbling on her pen for the right word carrying...
News November 13, 2017
A new transportation funding formula is needed in tax reform. Also: California voters want to repeal gas tax increase; driverless vehicles are being tested on Phoenix streets; and repairs will be made to Buck O'Neil Bridge in Kansas City while officials figure out a way to fund a new bridge. For...
RB fall web exclusive
News November 13, 2017
Roads & Bridges has released an exclusive e-book available to our readership on the web this fall with the cover title "Project Reports: Alternative Action".   This web exclusive issue covers projects in Alaska, Missouri and Maine, and highlights new materials research out of California, all of...
News November 06, 2017
An editorial is exactly what an editorial is . . . an opinion, and I will talk politics. Also, the GOP tax plan would effect bonding; the FHWA reopens pilot program to allow tolling on existing interstates; TxDOT to add capacity on U.S. 183; and MoDOT's solar road program is on hold. To hear the...
Bill Wilson
Article November 01, 2017
One quick look at his foot and it was obvious. His eyes were swollen.   My oldest, Aidan, was sobbing in pain. He had been complaining of foot soreness for a couple of weeks, so I decided to zoom in on the problem. After examining, nothing seemed out of sorts, so I just thought it was a muscle...
News October 23, 2017
States hope to cash in on VW's cheating; I-95 Coalition to test mileage-based user fees on trucks; Kansas City wants all the money for a bridge replacement; Canada wants the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit down; and more. For the latest podcast, click here.  
News October 16, 2017
I've been called a lot of things, but don't ever call me fake news. NAPA's take on research that said asphalt pavements were not strong enough to handle climate change; DOT officials push for a Highway Trust Fund fix; study shows people brake more for white pedestrians than black; and WYDOT makes...
News October 16, 2017
The team at Roads & Bridges invites all our readership to participate in our annual State of the Industry survey. We want to hear your perspective on the 2017 construction season, what's happening in your region and what you expect 2018 to be like for your company.    Please take a few minutes...
U.S. Highway 51 bridge
Article October 16, 2017
In March 2016, a flood event severely damaged the U.S. Highway 51 Bridge over the Coldwater River in Tate County, Miss. The bridge was scheduled for replacement in November 2016. After inspection, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) determined repairing the bridge was not a feasible...
Brian Budzynski
Article October 12, 2017
Recently U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced a series of updated federal guidelines aimed at smoothing the path toward getting more autonomous vehicles on the road for testing and deployment. The guidelines were designed to preclude what Secretary Chao characterized as a “patchwork...
Jim Barbaresso
Article October 12, 2017
Two main components of becoming a Smart City are the seamless sharing of data and leveraging emerging and innovative technology.   Generally speaking, emerging technology might include developments in the electrical grid to support smart street lighting and electric vehicle charging. It might be...
Bill Wilson
Article October 05, 2017
Nobody should be feeding paste to their imaginary friend.   Well, I guess you could include the invisible comrade, but as parents we want our kids, as early as Kindergarten, to be the ruler of the nap blankets. A lot of friends give Mom and Dad a sense of security (albeit a false sense) that our...
News September 18, 2017
State DOTs come to the aid of Florida's DOT in the wake of Hurricane Irma, Va.'s I-66 project needs more money from the state, environmental streamlining building steam, and more. To hear our latest podcast, click here.
News September 11, 2017
Sixteen years ago today, America changed forever . . . and I first found out about it in an elevator. Plus, an interview with Dale Keller of the Nevada DOT on the progress of Project Neon in Las Vegas, federal highway funding levels will remain flat, the Highway Trust Fund continues to stumble...
Bill Wilson
Article September 07, 2017
American public works directors . . . lipsmoving . . . prepare . . . lipsmovinglipsmovinglipsmoving . . . to meet . . . lipsmovinglipsmoving . . . your doom.   The Japanese knotweed is not something fictionalized by Rising Sun cinema, but if Godzilla were real it would be a series of bamboo stems...
News September 05, 2017
Steve McGough, president and CFO of HCSS, offers a first-hand account of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Also, the Trump administration continues to work on an infrastructure bill, a trail could put the I-66 widening project in Va. in jeopardy, and more. To hear our latest podcast, click here.
News August 23, 2017
Similar to our efforts to boost exposure of a variety of road and bridge construction projects through video submissions, the editors at Roads & Bridges are putting out a call for photo entries to display as a “photo gallery” on our website.   We invite construction professionals, DOT members...
Brian Budzynski
Article August 16, 2017
Since this edition of TM&E is largely concerned with various aspects of connected and automated vehicles and the environment they require, it was a minor felicity that I came across an interview conducted by Governing.com with California State Transportation Agency Secretary Brian Kelly. The...
Jim Barbaresso
Article August 16, 2017
Over the past few years, I’ve given presentations about the growing trend of Smart City initiatives to numerous planning commissions and government agencies around the country. One of the questions I get most often during the post-presentation Q&A is, “How do they do that?”   In other words, “...
News August 14, 2017
The tragedy in Charlottesville, Va., plus Trump's hesitation about working with Democrats on his infrastructure bill, I-84 redesign plans in Hartford and I-77 toll opposition in N.C. To hear the latest podcast, click here.
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