Small but powerful

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ACERT technology engine

Caterpillar’s new C6.6 industrial engine is the smallest of the company’s new ACERT technology engines. The C6.6 (Circle 928) is rated from 119 to 250 hp, while maximum torque at 1,400 rpm is 728 ft-lb. The engine also has increased fuel tolerance and accepts kerosene, while jet A cross-flow heads with four valves per cylinder are an important aspect of ACERT technology. Through an industry-standard J1939 connector, the C6.6 can integrate with other machine systems through a CAN bus. This will enable such benefits as improved diagnostics, cruise control and throttle override by the hydraulic system or transmission. Engines in the C6.6 power range are used in a broad range of applications, including lift equipment, chippers, tractors, trenchers and many other construction and off-road applications.

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