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The new Caterpillar 730 Ejector Articulated Truck (Circle 920) from Caterpillar, Peoria, Ill., uses a self-cleaning ejector mechanism that allows material to be spread and dumped on-the-go, without raising the body. Because its body is not raised, the Ejector Truck can work efficiently on sites where stability issues or overhead obstacles limit the use of conventional dump trucks.
Rated at a 31-ton payload, the 730 Ejector Truck features the Cat C11 Engine with ACERT technology to optimize performance while meeting EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIa exhaust emissions regulations. The 730 Ejector provides superior productivity in rough terrain, which suits the truck for general construction, road building, sand and gravel hauling, land restoration, mine reclamation and landfill operations.

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