Walk-off trailer

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A new aluminum-body trailer custom built for asphalt hauling by Titan Trailers, Delhi, Ont., introduces the load control and cost efficiency of walking-floor trailers to the paving industry. Similar to other live-floor unloaders that walk loads off the trailer instead of dumping, the V-Floor trailer is built with solid-steel V-shaped floor slats to withstand heavy loads with flexibility for a wide range of backhauls.
The Titan trailer will walk off asphalt loads directly into the paver hopper at a controlled rate so the paver can run continuously and achieve a smooth result. Since the trailer doesn’t elevate, the hot mat has no change to segregate. Meanwhile, the unloading process automatically remixes the asphalt as it enters the hopper. By remaining level, the trailer can operate safely around overhead wires and can work on normal side slopes without the fear of tipping.

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