Transoft Solutions

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13575 Commerce Parkway
Suite 250
Richmond, British Columbia
V6V 2L1

Transoft Solutions provides roadway and sign design engineering software for the transportation engineering industry. Product versions now available for distribution in English, French, German and Spanish include AutoTURN 5.0 and AutoTURN Aircraft 5.0. ParkCAD 2.0 and GuidSIGN 4.3 are available in English.

As the manager of engineering services for Valley Traffic Systems across western Canada and sales in Alberta, Daryl Sarauer has a lot on his plate. He worked as an employee of the Kiewit/Flatiron Joint Venture working on important projects like the Port Mann Bridge. Presently he is transitioning to...
When mining trucks and steep, winding roads meet, more emphasis must be placed on safety.   Around the world, mining companies face enormous time and financial pressures to get the natural resources out of the ground. If a truck tips over on the way from the mining site to the processing plant, the...
When resource companies develop an oil well or get logging rights to a particular forest, one of their first questions is, Do we have to build a road? Their next question is, Who can help us build it? That is where McElhanney expertise comes in handy. They provide surveying, engineering, mapping...
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