TC3 launches subscription prepaid training options

March 20, 2017

For more than eight years, TC3 has trained frontline technical transportation workers who specialize in the areas of construction, maintenance and materials. Over 90% of its more than 120 courses are recommended for professional development hours. To date, more than 125,000 trainings have been completed, and the organization’s course library continues to expand and be updated to keep pace with new and evolving technologies.

AASHTO member states that financially contribute to TC3 as a technical service program already have unlimited TC3 training available for all employees, and noncontributing AASHTO members are able to take TC3 courses at a minimal cost of $25 per course hour. However, many private contracting and consulting firms, other government transportation agencies (at the county and local levels) and academic institutions have requested options to further reduce the standard cost of $50 per course hour. In answer to these requests, TC3 has launched two subscription pricing prepaid training options: unlimited, annual per-person pricing and bulk-hour pricing.

Unlimited, annual per-person price:

  • Unlimited courses for 5 users, $600 per user = $3,000
  • Unlimited courses for 10 users, $550 per user = $5,500
  • Unlimited courses for 20 users, $500 per user = $10,000

Optional bulk-hour price:

  • 50 course hours, $40 per course hour = $2,000
  • 100 course hours, $35 per course hour = $3,500
  • 200 course hours, $30 per course hour = $6,000

Create or log into your free AASHTO e-affiliate account at to view the available subscription options or see your current hourly rate, which is based on your agency or organization information.