Sweeping clean

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The vacuum dust abatement system on the new Sweepster CS high-dump collector sweeper by Paladin Construction Group reduces visible dust while sweeping. The high-volume fan pulls air from the sweeping chamber and filters dust as small as 10 micron with a PTFE-impregnated washable filter, reducing dust without bulky water systems.
The sweepers utilize existing equipment at the jobsite, as the 7- and 8-ft-wide sweepers with 26-in.-diam. brushes are designed to operate with telehandlers and compact wheel loaders up to a 1.5-cu-yd capacity, and 8- and 9-ft-wide sweepers with 32-in.-diam. brushes are designed to operate with wheel loaders from a 1.5- to 3-cu-yd capacity.

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