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Madvac Inc., Boucherville, Quebec, introduces the Madvac CN100 Sub-compact sweeper. This high-profile, cost-efficient cleaning machine safely and effectively sweeps and vacuums a variety of surfaces from city sidewalks to alleys, indoor and outdoor parking lots, bike paths, streets and much more. The CN100 (Circle 916) features a 40-gal polyethylene water tank, a three-stage dust filtering system and up to 16 mph road speed.
Madvac also offers the CS500 compact sweeper (Circle 917), which reaches where no other large sweeper is able to reach. The CS500 is able to clean litter from congested pedestrian-filled streets, sidewalks and alleys, yet it also is able to clean large surfaces such as downtown districts, airports, universities and theme parks. The CS500 operates off of a 2.8-liter turbo-charged Detroit Diesel engine and contains two independent brushes that sweep a width of 10 ft 6 in. The CS500 can sweep up to 215,777 sq ft per hour and travel a maximum speed of 25 mph.

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