Spray snow away

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SnowEx, Warren, Mich., a product division of TrynEx International, offers the AccuSpray Liquid De-Icing System, an accessory designed to fit the SnowEx V-Maxx 8500 V-box bulk spreader and cater to multiple deicing and pre-wetting application demands.

AccuSpray allows the user to both pre-wet the material being spread and spray deicing fluid directly onto the pavement. Application options include dual-rotary, multiposition spray nozzles that provide a wide- fan spray, low-flow or high-flow streamer and a single wide-fan spray nozzle positioned near the spreader discharge chute for direct fluid application to bulk materials.

Powered by the host vehicle’s 12V system, the AccuSpray system incorporates a SHURflo dual-head, high-flow pump combined with a hydrostatic equalizer tube to minimize pump load and maximize output. A standard 75-gal fluid tank feeds the system. Optional saddle tanks are available to increase maximum capacity to 375 gal.

The AccuSpray system is designed for simple operation with a state-of-the-art in-cab control, allowing for activation and adjustment without exiting the vehicle. Liquid flow rates can easily be set to a specified amount of gallons per ton of spreading material.

All spray nozzles are made of high-quality stainless steel to eliminate potential corrosion and reduce clogging. Additionally, a full vehicle harness with weatherproof automotive connectors is standard.

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