Packing slopes

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The patent-pending Thompson Slope Packer attachment, manufactured by Bedford, Pa.-based Rockland Mfg. Co., eliminates the expensive and time-consuming task of packing slopes by the traditional method of “walking” them with a bulldozer or crawler tractor. As an attachment for a standard excavator, the Slope Packer allows the contractor to pack slopes on any grade and in any soil condition from above or below the grade, using the weight of the attachment and the flexibility of the boom to compact the soil on the grade.

The Slope Packer method provides improved safety for the operator versus packing soil using a bulldozer or crawler tractor, and it compacts soils up to 10 times faster than conventional methods. It reduces fuel consumption and eliminates undercarriage wear because the equipment is no longer required to walk the slope. The Slope Packer packs soil right up to the objects and silt fences without causing damage.

The drum is designed with ridges, which indent the soil like bulldozer treads to control runoff and provide a bed for grass seed. The chains between the ridges remove buildup and allow the Slope Packer to be used on wet soil. The Slope Packer attachment is available in 4-, 6- and 8-ft widths for a variety of excavator sizes and can be used in conjunction with an excavator coupler if desired.

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