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Terex Hydra Platforms HPBW 12.5

The innovative Terex Hydra Platforms HPBW 12.5 (Circle 905) is a completely new type of bridge worker, advancing a more efficient way of removing overhang brackets, completing bridge fascia work and running utility lines.
Built with a well-balanced design, the completely self-contained HPBW 12.5 is easily towed by a ¾-ton pickup truck to and from the jobsite. Once on site, the machine is hydraulically erected by a single person with the aid of its on-board 18-hp engine. This new bridge worker is deployed and ready for use within five minutes.
Featuring no crane setup, the HPBW 12.5 saves contractors significant amounts of time and reduces costs by up to 50%. It features a 12.5-ft-long by 4-ft-wide operator’s platform. Its 1,500-lb capacity is enough to hold three workers plus tools to quickly get the job done. With its 14-ft stroke, the tower unit is hydraulically adjustable, allowing the platform to be easily positioned for fascia work, stripping overhang brackets and bridge utility work.
This bridge worker offers true one-man operation with controls mounted on the trailer and on a handheld pendant at the operator’s platform. The electric-over-hydraulic controls operate scissor open/close of the separation system, tower up/down movement and system emergency stop. Truly self-propelled at the site, the forward/reverse positioning of the HPBW 12.5 trailer can be controlled by the operator from the platform.
On the bridge deck, the bridge worker’s trailer requires only a single lane of traffic, keeping road closures to a minimum. The tower and platform are deployed only from the main control panel at the trailer, preventing accidental folding from workers on the platform.
The machine’s tower, crossover and platform feature handrail and fully enclosed construction for optimum operator safety. Crossover access to the tower unit remains horizontal at all times, further enhancing safety.

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