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Now available from Work Area Protection Corp. is the new energy-efficient Precision Solar Controls SMC 4000 Mast-Mini solar message center. The message center is designed for use in areas where space is limited and where larger signs cannot fit. The solar message center is powered by a battery bank, which is continually recharged by a solar array. The SMC 4000 Mast-Mini battery bank is capable of operating independently of sunlight for 21 days. The solar panel array is designed to recover one day’s power requirement in just 2.5 hours. The message center uses four, high-intensity, energy-efficient LEDs per pixel to create more uniform light output. The portable SMC 4000 Mast-Mini solar message center displays messages on a 48- by 96-in. panel and features an on-board dedicated user-friendly NTCIP-compliant controller that provides easy programming with secure password protection

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