Snow / Ice Removal Chemicals

Snow / Ice Removal Chemicals

Enhanced deicing liquid brine additive

Cargill Deicing Technology offers GreenBlast, a deicing liquid brine additive enhanced with magnesium chloride. GreenBlast helps increase the anti-icing capabilities of salt brine...

Asphalt anti-freeze aids snow-removal operations

May 3, 2016
WinterPave asphalt anti-freeze is an anti-icing additive mixed with asphalt during production that helps prevent ice from adhering to the pavement, allowing for easier snow removal...
Highway Maintenance

Surface overlay

SafeLane surface overlay from Cargill is an anti-icing tool to prevent ice and frost from creating hazardous roadways and bridges. The patented, epoxy-aggregate pavement overlay...
Snow / Ice Removal Chemicals

Roadway deicer

ClearLane enhanced deicer helps fight icy winter roadways faster and more effectively. Providing better performance at lower temps, ClearLane enhanced deicer offers greater residual...
Snow / Ice Removal Chemicals

The next generation of brine makers

Feb. 10, 2016
The AccuBrine automated brine maker NXT-Gen now brings snowfighters even more advanced brine-making technology, greater accuracy and precision automation for better brine, every...