Topeka includes enhanced deicer in strategic winter maintenance plan

When economic conditions forced the city of Topeka to implement operational restructuring, the street maintenance division took on an entirely new management staff. Many new managers...

Upstate New York town discovers the benefits of pre-wetted salt

While the town of Winfield, N.Y., sits a short distance from major thoroughfares, the quiet, upstate village of 2,200 people still sees their fair share of traffic—and their share...

City of Spearfish, S.D., finds a way to protect winter-maintenance equipment

The city of Spearfish, S.D., had a problem with corrosion on their winter-maintenance equipment. The rust and corrosion had become unacceptable.   “We had deicing equipment...

Woodstock, Vt., initiates strong winter maintenance program

After trying a test load of enhanced deicer from a local retailer, David Green, superintendent for the city of Woodstock, Vt., was sold on how much faster the product went to...