KL40000 Barrier Lift

March 25, 2013

Kenco has unveiled a monster – the KL40000NG Barrier Lift for handling concrete median barrier wall of up to 40,000 lb (20 ton) capacities. No hydraulic hookups are required. Use any properly rated sling and clevis assembly to attach it for operation. Automatically closes to securely grab the wall and won’t release until the wall is set firmly into position. Fabricated from 1,650 lb of A514 high tensile strength steel plates. Four 6 x 36 in. elastomer pads boast an unheard of 864 square in. of surface contact to provide unmatched gripping performance. Boasts a 6 to 12 in. gripping range to handle a variety of top wall widths. Swing away handle permits safe manual handling of the device. Available with optional self-aligning guides.