ITS: Minn. rural counties getting ITS intersection systems

High-risk locations to benefit from system deployment

Transportation Management News September 17, 2015
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The Minnesota Department of Transportation is installing Rural Intersection Conflict Warning Systems at 54 high-risk locations around the state. The sites chosen for system deployment were ranked for factors such as limited visibility, adjacent railroad or commercial development, overall traffic volume, previous crash history and distance on the road from the previous stop signage.
The systems are used at stop-controlled intersections to alert drivers when vehicles are approaching the intersection. The system gives real-time warnings to motorists approaching a stop sign that there is traffic approaching. The system also uses a combination of traditional signing, flashing lights that come on when traffic is approaching the intersection and sensors that trigger the lights to flash.
For more on transportation developments in the state of Minnesota, check out the fall issue of TM&E, which will post to the Roads & Bridges website in early October and arrive with the October print issue of Roads & Bridges.

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