Wisconsin DOT Looking to Public on How to Increase Accessibility

Aug. 29, 2023
Curb ramps are a big part of this years plan

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is calling on the public to comment on accessibility for the next 30 days.

Tondra Davis, director of WisDOT’s office of business opportunities and equity compliance said that any feedback is welcome. Community members can also comment on the 2023 ADA Transition Plan which includes data and big picture ideas about how the state DOT is working to serve those who have diminished vision, hearing, or mobility.

In the plan, WisDOT says it investigates complaints, follows up on “reasonable accommodation requests” and monitors the overall progress of how plans are carried out.

Curb ramps are a big part of this years plan. Last year, over 1,700 curb ramps were installed.

“If you think about the state of Wisconsin, there are tens of thousands of curb ramps and facilities that the state owns and things like that. And so it is not something that will be done overnight, but we are certainly making great progress,” Davis said.


Source: NBC15.com