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LMI Technologies Inc. has introduced a new Selcom High Speed RoLine 1130 Sensor for high-speed pavement profiling.
The sensor features laser-line sensing for accurate profiling of all pavement geometries on high-speed profilers at any vehicle speed. The laser-line measuring principle of RoLine sensors was developed to improve the accuracy of pavement profiling for coarse textured surfaces, particularly longitudinally tined and diamond-ground surfaces. The RoLine 1130 provides increased frame rates and higher data density to meet the needs of high-speed profilers.
To provide flexibility for the profiler manufacturer, the RoLine 1130 operates with two data output modes, either full profile data or the optional output using the internal bridging algorithm, which reduces the full profile to a single point output representing the actual surface location. To achieve high-speed operation, the RoLine 1130 is based on LMI’s FireSync platform, a modular, extensible architecture that allows vision components, such as lighting, cameras, embedded sensor processors and machine-vision software, to be easily integrated into a scalable machine-vision system.

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