Even it out

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The new Rammax Viper trench roller from Multiquip hosts a unique maintenance-free oscillating/articulating joint that optimizes drum-soil contact while providing reliable stability on uneven surfaces.
Equal amplitude to all four drums is provided by its patented Straight Compaction Technology (SCT), which delivers an even distribution of compaction force by positioning eccentrics above the drum perpendicular to drum rotation. This also provides for easy maintenance access. The Rammax Viper patented Z-frame design eliminates the traditional between-the-drum spacing and uncompacted area. Patented internal drum scrapers prevent dirt buildup between drums for guaranteed maximum power and torque.
Powered by a Lombardini engine, the Rammax Viper trench roller delivers 2,460 vpm and generates centrifugal forces up to 15,543 lb. Other highlights include automatic engine idle control for significant fuel savings, failure diagnostic system for quick troubleshooting, heavy-duty maintenance-free latches that secure the front and rear cowlings, dual receiving eyes positioned to eliminate all blind spots and ensure uninterrupted signals, charge-free solar-powered remote, standard dual operating control cables and a central lifting eye.

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