Common sensor

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Trimble has introduced the new Trimble CM310 Compaction Sensor, which enables the display of real-time material density to the earthworks compactor operator. This new capability is designed to increase machine productivity while providing complete, consistent material compaction over the entire construction project. Material surfaces are expected to be compacted faster with better in-place densities. The sensor improves the efficiency of other earthwork operations, such as optimization of haul-truck times and water drainage and management.
The Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control System with the new sensor is designed to provide the contractor with better control over the compaction process, making operations more efficient and productive. The contractor can compact subsurface material to a target density and number of machine passes, analyze subsurface grade postcompaction for deficiencies in the surface (whether certain locations are high, low or on-grade) and catch grade-control mistakes in real-time, prior to the start of the final road-building proc­ess.

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