City of Fremont, Calif. to deploy intersection analytics systems along smart corridor

City partnering with Detroit-based technology company to enable analytics at 37 intersections

December 07, 2021 / 2 minute read
intersection analytics systems
Image: Derq

The City of Fremont, California will deploy intersection analytics systems on a 9-mile section of the the Fremont Boulevard Safe and Smart Corridor Project.

This multi-year project is touted as one of the most advanced and connected corridors in the U.S. The City of Fremont is partnering with Derq, a Detroit-based technology company along with intelligent transportation systems (ITS) distributor CT Group.

“From the beginning, our Fremont Boulevard Safe and Smart Corridor project has served as a national test bed for innovation in traffic safety technologies and is a significant investment in the City’s Mobility Action Plan," Fremont Mayor Lily Mei said in a statement. "This project will not only modernize our traffic systems to make them more safe, but will also provide a more efficient driving experience for our community members by improving traffic flow.”

Derq’s primary responsibility for this project involves enabling intersection analytics systems at 37 intersections along Fremont Boulevard to provide ongoing analysis from traffic intersection video sources of multimodal conflicts using artificial intelligence (AI), according to a press release from the company. Derq’s software will be utilized to detect “near-miss” interactions at intersections and crosswalks and identify safety “hot spots” based on dangerous roadway behavior including red-light running, speeding, wrong-way driving, and pedestrians crossing against a red light.

“We have worked extensively with various city and state governments to advance some of the largest and popularly travelled corridors in the U.S.,” Karl Jeanbart, Chief Operating Officer of Derq, said in a statement. “We’re excited to bring our knowledge and experience to the Fremont Boulevard Safe and Smart Corridor Project so they remain one of the most advanced and safe roadways in the country.”

Derq’s software platform integrates with pre-existing or easily installed sensors and other ITS equipment at each intersection to monitor the trajectories and predict the intents for all vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians in the sensors’ field of view. The goal is to create a comprehensive understanding of road user behavior that helps identify and predict potential conflicts or collisions.



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