Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS

intelligent transportation systems
News February 14, 2019
The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will install 17 miles of fiber optic cable to connect U.S. 24 between Woodland Park and I-25/Cimarron Street in Colorado Springs.    The $2.5 million fiber optic project will be part of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in Colorado and is...
White House is expected to address 5G for transportation
News February 07, 2019
According to sources at The Hill, the White House is expected to address the deployment of the 5G network, as well as artificial intelligence, as regards technological advancement and application to the national transportation network.   The plan will offer the "first deliverables" of the National...
autonomous vehicle task force NJDOT
News February 04, 2019
Legislation to create a task force to evaluate autonomous vehicles was approved last week by the full New Jersey General Assembly.   The measure would create the New Jersey Advanced Autonomous Vehicle Task Force, comprised of eight members. The group would be responsible for conducting a study of...
Brian W. Budzynski
Article February 01, 2019
Corporations protect their investments. Seems obvious, doesn’t it?   In fact, it seems­—to me at least—so obvious that my default attitude toward any corporation is one of suspicion. To wit: I do not believe there is a company in the world with my human interest at the fore of its mission or...
connected vehicles SmartDrive demo
Article February 01, 2019
Roadway intersections are fascinating things. At the core, they are the connecting piece between two byways where you find two similar, but competing interests at play—the right to pass through and the desire for minimal disruption to travel. These competing interests create opportunity for crashes...
truck platooning
Article February 01, 2019
Developments in vehicle automation technology are accelerating at a breakneck pace, leaving transportation planners and regulatory agencies racing to catch up. Most mid-range and higher 2017 model automobiles and trucks come equipped with the key building blocks of vehicle automation and...
I-35W near Highway 62

This stretch of I-35W near the Highway 62 merge was chosen for the pilot study due to its high traffic congestion during peak drive times.

Article February 01, 2019
A pilot test on the functionality of using existing freeway lanes as autonomous vehicle lanes was completed to quantify the effects that connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) would have on the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) metro freeway system in Minnesota. With the current progress of...
Patrick McPharlin
Article February 01, 2019
Insurance is in the early stages of disruption at each point in the value chain due to technology and innovation, similar to the impacts of technology on the banking industry in the early 2000s. Autonomous vehicles also are a force beginning to impact the insurance industry. What is the future...
Under a legislative bill introduced by Nebraska State Sen. Suzanne Geist (R. - Lincoln), the manufacturer of self-driving technology in use in vehicles on public roadways would be liable in a crash involving a vehicle that was capable of “the entire driving task” and operating in autonomous mode.
News January 31, 2019
The question of liability in the event of an accident or incident involving driverless vehicles or vehicles equipped with semi-autonomous technology is one that presently puzzles members of government and concerns both vehicle manufacturers and technology developers alike. There is one state,...
Georgia DOT’s Smart Signal System key to moving Super Bowl traffic

Source: Wikipedia

News January 31, 2019
Super Bowl LIII traffic is descending on metro Atlanta, and the Georgia Department of Transportation’s (GDOT) traffic management team is readying to tackle the challenge.   Matthew Glasser, Regional Traffic Operations Program (RTOP) manager, and his team of engineers at GDOT’s Transportation...
Autonomous vehicle manufacturing Michigan Waymo
News January 29, 2019
Waymo, Google's autonomous vehicle developer, recently announced plans to build a manufacturing plant for its self-driving cars in the state of Michigan.   This comes as a result of receiving approval from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), which voted to approve Waymo's plans to...
intelligent transportation systems
News January 21, 2019
The city of Montgomery, Ala., is trying out new technologies in its Smart City Living Lab, including new intelligent streetlights, free Wi-Fi, app-based parking management and more.   According to Future Structure, the project is a public-private agreement known as the Montgomery Smart Community...
Walmart expands its driverless car delivery testing
News January 10, 2019
Walmart is now piloting a program to use Udelv autonomous-driving vans to deliver fresh groceries to its customers in Surprise, Az.   “We want to make sure we stay on the cutting edge of grocery delivery by exploring what’s new and next,” Tom Ward, senior vice president of Walmart’s digital...
connected vehicles
News January 09, 2019
The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) showcased its recent developments as part of the U.S. DOT's Connected Vehicle (CV) Pilot program in Laramie County.    According to Traffic Technology Today, the showcase was an opportunity for the agency to share the recent progress and intent of...
rail systems positive train control implementation
News January 03, 2019
Only four of the 41 rail systems in the nation required to implement positive train control (PTC) met the end-of-the-year deadline in 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT).   A CNN report indicates that the remaining rail systems, including Amtrak, have either applied...
Camera connected vehicles I-94/I-35

Camera setups such as this have been in place on select high-rise rooftops along the test corridor since 2002, collecting data all the while.

Article January 02, 2019
On a rough stretch of what is “commonly” known as the I-94 Commons—for the fact that at this particular location I-94 threads in with I-35, both interstates sharing a common series of lanes—a project has been ongoing since 2002 to gather traffic movement data in an effort to, ultimately, create...
The University of Arizona (UA) is partnering with state and local government agencies to form Smart Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation (SVIT), a P3 devised in effort to help Southern Arizona become an industry leader in smart-vehicle and intelligent transportation technologies.
News December 31, 2018
The University of Arizona (UA) is partnering with state and local government agencies to form Smart Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation (SVIT), a P3 devised in effort to help Southern Arizona become an industry leader in smart-vehicle and intelligent transportation technologies.   Partners in...
self-driving vehicle petitions
News December 20, 2018
The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) this week announced its plans to speed up the process to review and approve automaker self-driving vehicle petitions, according to a report from Reuters.   The process allows the agency to determine whether or not automakers can deploy...
Uber AVs

Image: Uber Blog

News December 19, 2018
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has approved the continued testing of Uber's self-driving vehicles in autonomous mode in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas for the first time since March of this year.   An Associated Press report indicates the ride-sharing company has been...
THEA CV pilot

Image: THEA

News December 05, 2018
The Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) and the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) in Florida recently demonstrated connected vehicle technology in HART transit vehicles for the first time.   The live demonstrations, which took place on Thursday, Nov. 29, were a...
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