BRIDGE RESCUE: I-75 bridge in Detroit now structurally deficient

It may take two years for funding to become available to make a permanent fix

Bridge Rescue News April 07, 2015
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If Michigan officials cannot get their hands on a funding solution soon, all they will be able to do is cross their fingers for the next two years.
The I-75 bridge over the Rouge River, which carries 115,000 cars daily and is a major route going in and out of Detroit, has been placed on the structurally deficient list. It is scheduled for a complete deck replacement in 2017. However, if lawmakers could pass Proposal 1 next month repairs could come sooner. Proposal 1 would eliminate the 6% sales tax on gas while raising the overall sales tax to 7 cents. An estimated $1.3 billion would go towards road and bridge improvements across Michigan.
The I-75 deck continues to deteriorate at an alarming rate, and the plan for now is to make the necessary patches until a permanent fix can be made.
“I’ve seen potholes you can see light through. It’s scary,” said Dan Cooney, a former mayor and councilman in River Rouge.
The I-75 bridge was last inspected in May 2013 and the deck surface received a rating of 4 out of 9, a poor mark. The span’s superstructure and substructure received 7 marks.
Michigan DOT officials insist the bridge is safe, but the structure is handling more these days with both the Fort Street and Jefferson Avenue bridges closed for repairs.

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