April 2018

Bill Wilson
Editorial/Commentary April 2018

Southwest 8th Street is no place for another bridge

FIU bridge collapse
Bridges April 2018

FIU pedestrian bridge falls on active road, but many experts say do not blame ABC

ABC bridge Pennsylvania
Accelerated Construction April 2018

State DOT faith in ABC bridge building rocked by collapse, but not swayed

Sam White Bridge MBI move

Night work on Michael Baker International’s Sam White Bridge move in 2011 using SPMTs.

Accelerated Construction April 2018

Experts in the field defend the use of accelerated bridge construction post-collapse

Margaret and Williams Street intersection

The intersection at Margaret and Williams Street, which sees an ADT volume of 9,900 vehicles.

Asphalt Paving April 2018

Taming rutting and cracking in Thornton, Ill.

216th Street pedestrian bridge Queen

The 216th Street Pedestrian Bridge in Queens had been previously flagged by engineers for demolition due to its poor usage and high reconstruction costs.

Bridges April 2018

NYC bridge analysis looks at the positives

280 cores collected

A total of 280 cores were collected for observation and lab testing in Minnesota.

Maintenance April 2018

Minnesota attempts to solve stripping issue

Larry Caudle
Law April 2018

When the VEQ clause is applicable and when it is not

David Matthews
Roads Report April 2018

Except for bad luck, careless drivers and giant sewer monsters

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