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Roads Report

Everyone makes mistakes

Jan. 4, 2022
However some mistakes are worse than others (This column published in January 2022 issue)
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Roads Report

Motorists are out of odor and not making any scents

Dec. 2, 2021
This column published as "Raising a Stink" in November/December 2021 issue
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Roads Report

Young drivers are redefining safe and fun driving

Oct. 5, 2021
This column published as "Generation Gap" in October 2021 issue
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Roads Report

Drivers don’t ask for much, just love, a purple car, and $32 trillion

Sept. 8, 2021
This column published as "Great Expectations" in September 2021 issue
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Roads Report

Success and innovation sometimes come in small packages

July 7, 2021
This column published as "Size Doesn't Matter" in July/August 2021 issue