Worker safety, funding July focus in ROADS & BRIDGES

News March 10, 2003
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Protecting your investment means protecting your workers

Protecting your investment means protecting your workers. In July, ROADS & BRIDGES magazine will once again focus on safety at the jobsite--covering everything from personal protection equipment to work-zone safety.

July's special report will be on the reauthorization of TEA-21. How much progress has been made? What is the proposed funding level over the next six years? How will new funding effect work-zone safety, manufacturers and contractors? The R & B special report will attempt to address every angle.

Other points of interest in July include:

* Concrete whitetopping;

* Inspection and testing; and

* Historic bridges.

To reserve your ad for the July issue, contact Jerry Burns at 847/391-1048. To make an editorial contribution, contact Bill Wilson at 847/391-1029.

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