TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: Florida DOT begins testing of latest version of SunGuide software

Enhancements include broader road weather information, wrong-way alerts

Traffic Management News Florida SunGuide Disseminator November 14, 2014
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The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has started putting the latest version of its SunGuide traffic management software through its paces, with no word on when final deployment will occur. If testing proves successful, the program will move on to independent verification and validation by the end of November.


SunGuide version 6.1 adds a plethora of new features to FDOT’s primary traffic-management tool, focused on enhancing the software itself and improving the user experience. The latest edition includes a series of road weather information system (RWIS) features, including new communication protocols, a beacon subsystem and automation of response plans in the event of low visibility on the roadway.


To help improve overall visibility for traffic engineers, SunGuide version 6.1 uses a new camera control protocol employed by a wide array of manufacturers, meaning a greater selection of products can be integrated into the system. 


One of the other major improvements was inclusion of a new wrong-way-driver alert system. When a wrong-way driver is detected on the roadway, the system will automatically send an alert back to the traffic management center (TMC), while also sending e-mails to a pre-established recipient list. These functions together will allow the TMC to more quickly alert drivers and first responders to a potential accident.

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