Time to submit nominations for Top 10 Bridges 2019—deadline extended to Aug. 26

The 2019 winners will be recognized in the November issue of Roads & Bridges

June 20, 2019
RB Top 10 Bridges awards submissions

The time has come to submit your entries for Roads & Bridges' Top 10 Bridges awards for 2019. The deadline to enter a project for consideration has been extended to Aug. 26.

All entered projects must be in the design, construction or completion phase over the last 18 months, and past winners are ineligible to submit. For a list of our past winners, click here. The 2019 winners will be recognized in the November issue of Roads & Bridges.

When completing your nomination form, it is important to include as many project challenges as possible. Forms that only have a few sentences describing the project will be rejected immediately. To submit a nomination form, click here.

This year, all entries must include a submission of 2-5 high-resolution photos. After completing your nomination form, please submit high-res photos (at least 5 inches at 300 dpi and at least 1 MB large) via email to Managing Editor Brian Budzynski at [email protected]. Please include 'Top 10 Roads 2019' along with the project name and location in the subject line of your email. There also is an option to upload photos through the nomination form.

Any questions regarding the nomination process can be directed to either Brian or to Associate Editor Tim Bruns at [email protected].

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