ROAD CONSTRUCTION: Alleged ties to China, Iran could remove contractor from Pulaski Skyway job

Conti Group claims CCA Civil refused to disclose overseas relationships to NJDOT

News New Jersey Star-Ledger August 06, 2013
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Networking with China and Iran does not land you a job in New Jersey.


CCA Civil, a large contractor based on Jersey City, was awarded $123 million job to rebuild portions of the Pulaski Skyway, but recent accusations of its ties to the Chinese government and Iran’s energy sector may put the winning bid in jeopardy.


In New Jersey, companies which have financial interests in Iran’s energy sector are prohibited to compete for public contracts. Conti Group, which lost the Pulaski Skyway to CCA Civil, brought the connection to the attention of the New Jersey state attorney general’s office.


“CCA purposely failed to disclose its investors to avoid revealing its strong ties to the Chinese government and that one of its investors is on a list of companies banned from doing business in New Jersey because of its ties to Iran’s energy sector,” Conti argued in a briefing sent to the attorney general’s office.


CCA Civil, which has denied its strong ties to China and Iran, also is part of a joint venture rebuilding the Alexander Hamilton Bridge between Manhattan and the Bronx, N.Y., and is interested in landing the Central Terminal Building at LaGuardia Airport job.



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