Report indicates which countries are most ready for autonomous tech

The U.S. ranks third overall on the autonomous vehicle readiness index

November 08, 2018
autonomous vehicle readiness

This year, KPMG released its 2018 Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index (AVRI), a report which evaluates the preparedness of 20 countries globally for the introduction of self-driving vehicles, and highlights best practices to help countries accelerate AV adoption.

The AVRI examines where countries are today in terms of progress and capacity for adapting AV technology. The Index evaluates each country according to four pillars that are integral to a country's capacity to adopt and integrate autonomous vehicles: policy & legislation, technology & innovation, infrastructure and consumer acceptance. The pillars are comprised of a number of variables that reflect the wide range of factors that impact a country's AV readiness, from the availability of electric vehicle charging stations, to AV technology R&D, to the population's willingness to adopt technology and the regulatory environment.

According to the AVRI, the 10 countries most prepared for the future of autonomous transportation of those researched include (in order): The Netherlands, Singapore, United States, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and South Korea. The Netherlands ranks consistently high—in the top four across all four pillars—with strengths including widespread acceptance of electric cars and a high density of charging stations, a robust telecommunications network, vital for directing AVs, and large scale AV road tests planned. Others in the top five display a range of strengths, with Singapore ranking first in policy & legislation and consumer acceptance; the U.S. and Sweden ranked first and second, respectively, in technology & innovation; and the UK ranked in the top five for three pillars.

Overall, a country's economic development correlates strongly with preparedness for AVs. However, looking deeper, the AVRI highlights some consistent attributes among the most prepared countries. These include public authorities engaged in and supporting AV development, excellent roads and mobile network infrastructure, and private sector investment and innovation.


Source: Metro Magazine