RAIL: Long Island Rail Road derailment injures over 100 in Brooklyn

City authorities said the derailment caused traffic and transit delays near the Brooklyn station

Light Rail Transit (LRT) News The New York Times January 04, 2017
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Long Island Rail Road derailment injures over 100 in Brooklyn

A Long Island Rail Road train derailed in Brooklyn during rush hour on Wednesday, injuring dozens of people and disrupting morning commutes around the city.


New York City Fire Department said 106 people were injured.


A spokesman for the department said that as the train came into Atlantic Terminal at 8:20 a.m. EST on Track 6, it “came off the rail.”


The first car on the train derailed, an employee of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority who was at the scene said. The employee told the New York Times that the train had come into the station and went past the area where it would normally stop. It hit the bumping block, a barrier meant to stop a train in an emergency. The impact with the block reportedly lifted the first car up off the rails.


Justin Bennett, a spokesman for the city’s office of emergency management, said in a statement that the derailment had caused traffic delays and road closings near the Brooklyn station, as well as the transit delays.


The Long Island Rail Road carries about 300,000 customers each day, according to its website.


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