Purdue University to lead autonomous vehicle innovation hub

Much of the research will be done in partnership with government agencies and private-sector companies

July 17, 2018
Autonomous vehicle research

Purdue University is launching an autonomous vehicle innovation hub where students and faculty will research a range of issues related to the technology, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and public policy.

The new center—called the Innovation Hub for Connected and Autonomous Transportation Technologies—will be part of Purdue’s Discovery Park, a 40-acre complex for the school’s STEM undergraduate students, graduate-level researchers and faculty.

Much of the research will be done in partnership with government agencies, including the Indiana Department of Transportation, and private-sector companies. It will focus, especially initially, on commercial uses for autonomous vehicles but will consider issues around passenger vehicles as well.

Purdue officials said they plan a cross-disciplinary approach to autonomous vehicle research that could benefit multiple industries.

The innovation hub's initiatives have about a dozen private partners, including an ongoing relationship with Ford. Most, if not all, of the partnerships were initiated by the companies themselves.


Source: Indianapolis Business Journal