In-Pavement Reflectors

solar-powered pavement markers

Image: Idaho Transportation Department

News March 02, 2018
The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is piloting new wireless technology aimed at shedding some light on the state’s darkest highways with the first 100 of an eventual 700 solar-powered pavement markers.   Last month, state employees installed the patented markers in Pocatello, which measure 4...
Dutch town testing out traffic lights for distracted pedestrians
News February 17, 2017
Pedestrian distractions, notably from smart phones and other portable devices, continue to contribute to traffic and roadway incidents. There is, however, one small town in the Netherlands that is trying a unique approach to calling attention to the need for keeping one’s eyes on the road.  ...
The Visibility Research Laboratory is used to test materials for traffic signs and pavement markings

The Visibility Research Laboratory features a 125-ft-long dark tunnel used to test traffic signs and pavement markings.

News May 02, 2013
When you drive at night and your headlights illuminate a lane marking, it makes you feel safer, right? After all, bright pavement markings are designed to help you stay in your lane and prevent you from running off the roadway.   Called retroreflectivity, special materials in edge lines and lane...
Article January 13, 2011
The worst of driving conditions calls for the best of roadway markers. With their reflective properties, retroreflective raised pavement markers (RRPMs) have guided many nervous drivers safely to their destination on rainy nights.   The durability and performance of RRPMs are critically important...
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