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Sheepshead Bay Rd after
Article August 08, 2017
A traffic island, more pavement markings and signage (top image) were added to this intersection to ensure safe interactions between vehicles and pedestrians as part of NYC’s Vision Zero plan.   In New York City, the efforts of the New York Department of Transportation (NYCDOT), in partnership...
News July 06, 2017
The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is looking to add their red transit-only lanes to at least 50 new streets in the region, as newly granted federal approval will now allow the agency’s red lanes to spread to more areas across the city.   A list of “Potential Future Red Lanes...

The Zoo Interchange project is the largest in Wisconsin at $1.7 billion, and bears the state’s most complex work zone.

Article June 05, 2017
Almost 100 years ago, in the fall of 1917, June McCarroll implemented an idea to designate roadway lanes by painting a mile-long white line down the center of a highway in California.   She campaigned for this idea to be employed statewide, and in 1924 the California Highway Commission agreed,...
Article June 08, 2016
Whether traveling through small towns like Wauwatosa, Wis., or tourist stops like Las Vegas, green lane treatments are increasingly being used to assist motorists in recognizing bicycle lanes.   An effort is underway to improve the quality of these pavement treatments. Once completed, agencies...
Article June 08, 2016
Determining the appropriate application of pavement markings is a persistent challenge for departments of transportation.   A team of researchers from the Iowa State University Institute for Transportation recently partnered with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to conduct a field...

The Visibility Research Laboratory features a 125-ft-long dark tunnel used to test traffic signs and pavement markings.

News May 02, 2013
When you drive at night and your headlights illuminate a lane marking, it makes you feel safer, right? After all, bright pavement markings are designed to help you stay in your lane and prevent you from running off the roadway.   Called retroreflectivity, special materials in edge lines and lane...
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