HOG's Newest Pavement Marking Innovation: The Epoxy HOG

Aug. 22, 2022

HOG Technologies has continued to innovate in the pavement marking industry. After their revolutionary Thermo HOG longline striping struck hit the market, they looked to expand their product offerings beyond thermoplastic.

By applying their same innovative technology, they have branched into plural components with their brand-new Epoxy HOG, but how is the Epoxy HOG different?

First, the Epoxy HOG uses tight temperature control with just one glycol pump, not four to six that you would find on competitive trucks. In addition, it uses just one 12v burner and not three or four. It also uses HOG Speed Control with no modification to the truck’s driveline.

The Epoxy HOG has great extremity heat with no glycol-jacketed lines and no nozzle restriction in the return lines. Because of this, there is never a risk of a contaminated glycol circuit, and it gives the operator excellent visibility of the guns.

The Epoxy HOG contains three colors: Yellow, White, and Black. The air impingement guns allow for Yellow (x2), White, and Black centerlines as well as White and Black edge lines.

HOG’s fully automated air pumps provide an incredibly simple pumping system with no hydraulics.  The in-line HOG Pumps are far easier to access for maintenance. With a maximum pressure setting of 3,000 psi at 100 psi input, it prevents any line burst pressure. If the pressure deviates, the Epoxy HOG uses a Digital Duplex system with an automatic pump shutoff function.

All aluminum HOG Pumps provide full recirculation heating to all guns and use all stainless-steel material tanks and heat exchangers with no interior moving components.

All of these innovations come together in one brand-new truck that looks to do what its thermoplastic version did: redefine the way epoxy trucks heat, pump, and lay material by providing excellent results at peak efficiency. The Epoxy HOG along with all of HOG Technologies’ other products are built and innovated with three goals in mind for their customers: to maximize productivity, minimize costs, and optimize results.

Needless to say, with the results produced so far, the Epoxy HOG looks to do just that!

See the Epoxy Hog in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myYihZQtCF0

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