No. 8 - Mococo Overhead Seismic Retrofit

Mococo Overhead Seismic Retrofit

The rehabilitation work on I-680 in Contra Costa County addressed the seismic vulnerabilities on the existing southbound Mococo Overhead superstructure, removal and replacement of the existing southbound Marina Vista off-ramp structure, and construction of an emergency access lane from the southbound lanes of the Benicia Martinez Bridge onto lanes of the northbound Mococo structure. Work on the project, located in an environmentally sensitive wetland, was limited to a single construction season consisting of 177 working days. Due to the environment of the project, a temporary wetland protection system was implemented.

Location: Martinez, Calif.

Cost: ~$14 million

Length: 0.61 total lane-miles

Designer: California Department of Transportation

Contractor: Golden State Bridge Inc.

Owner: California Department of Transportation