NO. 8: C.F. Harvey Parkway Extension

NO. 8: C.F. Harvey Parkway Extension

This was no simple parkway extension.

Branch Civil Inc. delivered the C.F. Harvey Parkway Extension Project to the North Carolina Department of Transportation under budget and 209 days ahead of schedule in February. The 5.8-mile limited access highway project from NC Route 58 to NC Route 11 comprised of the following:

Seven sets of dual bridges (14 bridges total); approximately 3.8 million cubic yd of borrow; 43,000 cubic yd of undercut excavation; 32,000 linear ft of storm drain piping; 250,000 tons of asphalt; and, most importantly, community value.

This project improves connectivity in northern Kinston between U.S. Route 70, NC Route 58, and NC Route 11. Adjacent regional and area activity centers that benefit from this project include: the North Carolina Global TransPark (NCGTP), the U.S. 70 Industrial Park, and industrial facilities along NC Route 11. Particular points of interest northeast of Kinston include: Greenville, East Carolina University Medical Center, and other communities. To ensure future development advances the long-term goals for the area, Lenoir County created an area plan around the new parkway to increase interest in this part of the county.

Branch engaged locally owned businesses and used local labor during construction. More than 100 people were on the project at the height of construction, many of whom were from Lenoir County. The team also exceeded the NCDOT mandated Disadvantaged Business Enterprise requirement by hosting outreach events to make the community aware of job opportunities.

Branch’s road to success was not an easy one. Several challenges presented themselves, like constructing bridges over extensive wetlands and locating 3.5 million cubic yd of borrow in a coastal plain setting. Despite all environmental challenges, the team maintained a flawless record of no Notice of Violations or Immediate Corrective Actions. Branch meticulously planned this project, which was reflected in the finished product and its early completion.

Project: C.F. Harvey Parkway Extension

Location: Lenoir County, North Carolina

Owners: North Carolina Department of Transportation

Designer: Michael Baker International

Contractor: Branch Civil Inc.

Cost: $80 million

Length: 5.8 miles

Completion Date: Feb. 4, 2021