N.J. Gov. Christie not objecting to Port Authority proposed toll hike

Measure would increase fees by as much as $6 by 2014

Funding News New Jersey Star Ledger August 09, 2011
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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is against raising any taxes, but tolls are of a different matter.

On Aug. 8 Christie said he was surprised when he learned late last week that the Port Authority wanted to hike fees 50%, even though he appointed several members on the board.

The proposal would raise tolls for E-ZPass cars from $6 to $10 during off-peak travel times and from $8 to $12 during rush hour. An additional $2 would be instituted during off-peak hours in 2014. If motorists want to pay by cash, they will be hit with a $3 surcharge, which also would increase another $2 in three years.

Even though he constructed his campaign platform on the promise of no tax increases, Christie said he would not necessarily veto the measure.

“That would mean that hundreds of projects would have to be stopped, that thousands of people would be laid off and that progress on the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site would slow if not stop,” he said. “Governing is about choosing; we have to make choices.”

Christie, however, refused to take blame on the toll hike.

“This is unfortunately a testimony to the mismanagement of the port for years,” he said.

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