Nevada highway project named one of nation's best

Recent Lake Tahoe-area NDOT project recognized with NAPA "Quality in Construction" award

News Nevada Department of Transportation February 27, 2007
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A recent Lake Tahoe-area road-improvement project by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) was recognized with a National Asphalt Paving Association (NAPA) "Quality in Construction" award.

The approximately $10 million NDOT project was open graded, paved and micro-surfaced, as well as improved drainage on SR 28 from the California state line to Ponderosa Ranch and SR 431 (Mt. Rose Highway) from SR 28 to the Mt. Rose Summit. The 15-mile stretch of road is traveled by up to 11,000 vehicles daily.

While maintaining high-grade workmanship and materials, NDOT and contractor Granite Construction put top priority on preserving the environmentally sensitive Tahoe basin. Construction and drainage remnants were hauled out, and roadside vegetation were preserved to the highest extent. Portable sound barriers and jackhammer mufflers reduced construction noise. To avoid disrupting summer tourism and commuter traffic on two-lane SR 28, the majority of paving work was done at night and completed 12 days before the June 29, 2006, deadline.

"Our goal always is to provide the most fiscally responsible and high-quality projects--and this project did both," NDOT Resident Engineer Peter Booth said.

The award is given annually to only 10 hot-mix asphalt highway construction projects that overcome unique obstacles to showcase dedicated workmanship and top-quality hot-mix asphalt, an engineered mixture of aggregate paving stone and liquid asphalt cement. Asphalt materials, density and ride quality are reviewed and numerically rated by National Center for Asphalt Technology pavement engineers.

The award was presented to NDOT and Granite Construction at NAPA's Feb. 20 annual meeting.

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