NDOT plans road improvements to accommodate more traffic in Las Vegas

Anticipating future traffic increases with the NFL stadium going up, the department is looking to make upgrades on I-15

March 30, 2017
Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) Las Vegas

The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is in the initial stages of road projects that have been planned to address traffic growth on the I-15 corridor over the next 20 years as a result of the proposed Raiders’ stadium site going up on Russell Road west of the interstate in Las Vegas.

A 2016 study by CH2M estimated the costs for the improvements to be $899 million, but that number is subject to change.

The NFL stadium sites traffic assessment report by NDOT listed the following projects that are sponsored by NDOT: I-15 South Phase 2B, Blue Diamond Road to Tropicana Avenue at $274 million; I-15 HOV direct-access ramps, Blue Diamond Road to Sahara Avenue at $400 million; I-15/I-215 direct-connect HOV ramps at $75 million; and I-15/Tropicana Interchange reconstruction at $150 million. Costs will become more defined after additional steps.

Once the estimated budget for the road projects is created, NDOT will take the plan to the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) to gain approval to add them to their construction plan.

Once the road projects are complete, NDOT officials believe the area will be able to handle the additional 15,000-18,000 vehicles associated with game days and big events taking place at the stadium.

The almost $1 billion Project Neon will also aid the stadium area. NDOT is installing an Active Traffic Management System (ATMS) that will help the agency manage traffic on I-15 better.

The initial stages leading up to construction are expected to take a couple of years. Construction on the stadium would be underway by then, and NDOT is unsure if the road improvements will take place during that time.

One thing that could stall potential roadwork on the I-15 corridor is that preliminary studies for the area were made before the stadium plan was developed. Before any work can begin on the roads, a traffic impact analysis, a parking needs analysis and a comprehensive traffic management study must be carried out.

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