MULTIMODAL ROADS: Seattle installs protected bike lanes downtown

The lanes are going into two of the city’s busiest streets, in response to increased bike traffic and commuter demand

September 01, 2017
Seattle installs protected bike lanes downtown
Seattle installs protected bike lanes downtown

This month, the Seattle Department of Transportation will be installing protected bike lanes on two of its busiest downtown streets. The lanes will cover six blocks of Pike Street and Pine Street between 2nd Avenue and 8th Avenue.

According to DOT officials, traffic signals in these areas will be upgraded with bike signals and some left-hand turns will be restricted in effort to reduce incidents at intersections.

Bike traffic has been on the increase in several cities across the U.S., notably New York City, Portland, Ore., and Seattle. The new bike lanes will be separated and protected by a physical barrier, with vehicle traffic on the other side, and then, one lane over, a transit-dedicated lane.

The changes to Pike and Pine should be completed by November with construction taking place mostly on the weekends.

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